Bring TalentHR into Your Slack World

As business keeps moving forward, everyone’s looking to cut down on the clutter. Remember the hassle of bouncing between apps for different work? Well, that's old news now. TalentHR’s Slack integration makes things way simpler by linking your workspace directly to your HR software.

The Power of TalentHR and Slack Together

Picture this: You start your morning by catching up on Slack, not just with team conversations but also with an overview of what’s happening HR-wise. No need for multiple logins or tabs. Here’s what this integration brings to your Slack workspace:

🖱️Time Off Approvals Within Your Workflow

Approve (or reject) PTO requests right within Slack. There is no need to switch contexts or open other apps. With just a click, manage leave efficiently and keep your workflow seamless. Say goodbye to daunting HR tasks and keep your day moving smoothly.

🔢 Empower Employees with Smart Leave Tracking

Enable your employees to view their remaining time off balances in Slack. This feature helps them plan their vacations or personal days ahead of time, ensuring smooth operations and informed planning across the board.

📆 Your Daily Overview, Delivered on Slack

Receive real-time updates within Slack whenever you need them. Instantly find out who’s out sick, or who’s taken a last-minute sick day. It’s the perfect tool to stay informed about daily occurrences and manage resources effectively.

🔍 Instant Employee Insights

Need details on a team member? Quickly access essential information like job position, employment type, and work email through Slack. A simple command fetches all you need, helping you stay connected and informed without breaking your workflow.

The TalentHR and Slack integration isn’t just about convenience—it’s about changing how you think about daily HR processes. We create a more efficient work environment by embedding HR tasks within your primary communication platform. 

How to Get Started

Visit your TalentHR portal and navigate to Settings> Integrations to connect TalentHR to your Slack workspace. Follow the instructions, and within minutes, TalentHR will appear under Apps in your Slack.

Visit our how-to guide for more details.

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